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100% refundable, 30-day trial

100% refundable, 30-day trial

100% refundable, 30-day trial

Customers love Molekule Air Pro.

Customer reviews for Molekule Air Pro.


Charles P

5 stars



Works well until it Doesn't- Positive resolution!

Update! Customer Service called and immediately sent out a replacement. Very happy to have it working and protecting our home. Thanks! I was happy with the Air Pro, but after about a year, it stopped working. I mean it stopped running, wouldn't...

JoAnne W

5 stars

Raleigh, NC


Because we're worth it!

We purchased the Air Pro & the Air Mini Plus last month and could not be happier. These systems give us the absolute freshest air in our home & the peace of mind knowing that. Thank you to everyone at Molekule for your brilliant knowledge & efforts in...

Cory, S

5 stars

Fort Worth, TX


Great sleek design very powerful

I really like my Molekule. I appreciate it's design and they seem to have a relatively reasonable price compared with similar technologies.

Lisa C

5 stars

clearwater, FL


Love my Molekule

I have pets and live in a climate that is damp and can encourage mold. Because the AC has to be on 24/7 in the summer, in the past I have been hesitant to cook due to the smells. The Molekule removes odors when I cook and this was unexpected. Plus, it is...

Judson P.

5 stars

Harrisburg, PA


It's amazing.

My neighbor runs a meth lab (no joke) and the police keep hitting roadblocks in their investigation (sigh). I purchased two Air pros and two Air mini plus; they've eliminated the smell of ammonia, formaldehyde, iodine, and cat urine in my house caused by...

Daisy S

5 stars

Los Angeles


Makes a drastic difference

I used to wake up daily with a stuffy nose, and my Molekule cured that. They really work!

Michael L

5 stars

Rowlett, tx


Great Company and great purifiers

I love my molekules


5 stars

San Francisco


Air Pro

Works as intended and also provides a soothing white noise while we sleep.